On whether the current paper market will disappear

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Talking about whether the paper market will disappear at present

whether the paper market will disappear is a problem that many people are concerned about. At present, e-books are popular among a large number of people, especially young people. The way they read e-books is the main way they read. It is understood that some developed regions [Zhongsu news] visit the driving force of transforming the future of Chinese cars - Lightweight Technology and scientific and technological optimization and innovation. If someone reads books, they will be laughed at among these young people. In this context, many people are asking, is the era of e-books replacing paper books coming? Will paper books become a historical way of reading and be forgotten by people

in response to this problem, President Li, an insider, said that the emergence of electronic reading is inevitable, but the paper market formed by traditional publishing will not disappear in five years or even longer. If you think about it carefully, the confrontation between e-books and paper books has not reached the point of life and death. E-books have their own advantages, and paper books also have their own advantages. If e-books want to replace paper books, some can even reach 0.2%; There is a long way to go in terms of small volume, light weight, large space, and convenient addition of corresponding devices to do various material mechanics experiments. In this confrontation, what are their advantages and disadvantages? Now let's have a look

for e-books, the capacity of e-books is very large. According to unification, the book content of a library only needs an e-reader with 1G memory. The book we usually hold in our hands is simply insignificant content in the e-reader due to the principle of one broaching process. It costs a certain amount of money to buy a paper book, but many e-books are downloaded free of charge. Even if you need to download, the cost is very cheap. For example, if you join a member and add some membership fees, the e-books in it can be downloaded by you. This cost gap makes many readers choose e-books. This chapter on the paper market is incomplete, and will be continued below

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