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Detailed description of Yunnan packaging and printing industry

in the rapid development of Yunnan packaging and printing industry in the past ten years, boster has played a very important role. As the sales director of boster Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd., Mr. Liang Guowei has his unique views on some imbalances existing in Yunnan packaging and printing industry. He believes that, in general, Yunnan's industrial structure is relatively simple, Tobacco packaging accounts for a large proportion in the packaging and printing market, which determines that in the early 1990s, when the tobacco industry supporting Yunnan packaging and printing industry with production and marketing began to take off, Yunnan packaging and printing industry closely focused on the needs of the tobacco industry, adopted the model of imitating Europe, and replaced offset printing with high-speed web gravure printing. Although at that time, manufacturers spent a lot of money to introduce a large number of gravure printing production lines with a strong sense of planned economy - production dominates the market, it can be said for sure that the correctness of choosing gravure printing to replace offset printing is beyond doubt. At that time, some printing plants only paid attention to the needs of the time when they introduced gravure production lines, and the performance was too single, especially limited by circular pressing and die-cutting, which could only be used as a special machine

around 1998 ~ 1999, with the rapid development of the domestic economy, the competition in the tobacco market intensified, resulting in more and more tobacco brands, more and more complex cigarette bag designs, more and more exquisite printing, but the batch size is getting smaller and smaller. Those gravure production lines introduced only for cigarette bag printing cannot adapt, so there are phenomena such as the outflow of small and medium-sized batch products and some products with complex processes

in recent years, the adjustment and reorganization of the tobacco industry have further prompted cigarette factories to frequently change brands and change packaging in order to survive, so that offset printing and flexo printing can play a role in cigarette package printing. However, this is only a temporary phenomenon in the transitional period. From the perspective of development, gravure printing will still be the mainstream printing method of cigarette packets. Many cigarette bag printing plants in Yunnan also hold this view. In view of the uncertainty of how long the transition period will be, and the pattern of Yunnan packaging industry dominated by tobacco packaging is difficult to change for all-round manufacturers who produce and sell experimental machines for a long time, they are very cautious about whether to invest in offset printing and flexo printing, so as not to find a way out for offset printing machines and flexo printing machines in the future

at present, the tobacco industry is in the "Warring States era" of hegemony, and it will soon face the strong impact of foreign tobacco. The inevitable way to survive is to reduce brands and become bigger and stronger. Relying on Yunnan packaging and printing enterprises in the tobacco industry, it is most important to grasp the mainstream and increase the flexibility to adapt to the market. A flexible and efficient gravure production line with a variety of post press finishing and forming functions is undoubtedly the best choice. For example, the production line is equipped with a widely adaptable sheet cutting device, an online hot stamping device with high-tech exclusivity, etc.

gaobao insists on breaking into the market with technology

when Mr. Li Bo, who is in charge of Yunnan market of KBA company, was interviewed by us, While affirming the trend of introducing offset printing machines into Yunnan's printing market, it also showed some concerns:

Yunnan used to focus on gravure printing, and its gravure printing level and production capacity can stand on February 22, 2012 in the country and even the world. Now they want to turn to offset printing, but they still lack experience in the field of offset printing, and there is a certain gap between the technical level and the coastal areas. In addition, when introducing equipment, some state-owned enterprises in Yunnan Province do not pay attention to the applicability of the equipment, but choose the recognized brands and commonly used brands for insurance, which may lead to the equipment not being able to make the best use of the equipment

I used to work in Heidelberg. Heidelberg's equipment entered Yunnan in the 1990s. Since then, it has been difficult to enter other equipment except that Manroland has a problem that the current graphene based heavy-duty coating system has not been fully verified for its storage stability, engineering construction process performance, coating stability, etc. In fact, at present, the printing presses of Heidelberg, Manroland, gaobao and other brands have their corresponding user groups in various regions, but the Yunnan market seems to have no objective positioning for various devices. We feel that the printing enterprises in Yunnan are at a loss to introduce offset printing machines. They believe that as long as they choose some high-end equipment, they can help them improve the quality of their products. In fact, it is understood that some equipment has not played its maximum role, and good equipment cannot print its due level

I'm a little worried about the current way of purchasing equipment in Yunnan, such as cigarette bag printing factory. When gravure printing encounters a setback, it's like a swarm of offset printing; Offset printing is also equipped with UV drying device to print gold card paper. In fact, in the eyes of onlookers, foreign cigarette packs rarely use gold card paper, which is difficult to print and is not conducive to recycling. Of course, now some use transfer paper, the situation will be better. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in gluing printing. Don't blindly start the gravure production line, and some equipment will be idle

in my opinion, printing machines of various brands have their advantages in adapting to the market development. It is not in line with the law of market development to only focus on one process and one brand, but not to introduce equipment according to their own actual situation

gaobao always strives for survival by technology. At present, a considerable number of equipment and technology meet the needs of Yunnan Printing Market and will also bring them certain benefits. At present, gaobao has better printing equipment to enter the Yunnan market, and it takes a process for the flat sheet printing machine to enter the Yunnan market. With the accelerated development of book printing and commercial printing in Yunnan, we believe that the advantages of gaobao printing equipment will gradually be recognized by the Yunnan market

Shanghai Yaoke we are confident to enter Yunnan

our production volume is not large since we jointly produce die-cutting equipment with Japan. At present, some of our products are available in Shanghai and Guangdong, and most of the rest are exported. The products are mainly used in cosmetics packaging, daily necessities packaging and other fields. In addition, our equipment is in the process operation stage and needs to be tracked. At present, users' feedback is good. The core technology of Yaoke equipment is from Japan, the main components are imported from Japan, and the other parts are produced domestically, so the use stability is very good

in terms of market expansion, we also hope to comply with the needs of the domestic market and develop in the field of post press processing of cigarette packet printing. The cigarette package printing industry in Yunnan market is very developed, so we also hope to enter

but we are not busy entering the Yunnan market. We also need to rely on product quality to enter. Now we are very concerned about this market, and we also plan to visit the printing enterprises in Yunnan to understand their views on the current die-cutting machine, including equipment operation, function use and other aspects

although there are many kinds of die-cutting machine brands in Yunnan at present, especially with many international brand equipment such as boster, we are confident. The positioning of Yaoke's products is mid-range and upper, which has a certain gap with boster. However, Yaoke's equipment can meet the requirements of cigarette packet printing, such as high efficiency, high die-cutting accuracy, and less machine failures; And the price is lower than that of boster. Therefore, Songbiao, general manager of Shanghai Yaoke, said, "we are confident to introduce products with cost-effective advantages to the Yunnan market"

Komori ShangBang roller offset printing was the first in Yunnan

Komori ShangBang began to open the market in Yunnan in 1990. It can also be said that users in Yunnan have taken a fancy to the advantages of ShangBang gravure printing production line suitable for cigarette bag printing. So far, there are nearly 30 Komori ShangBang gravure printing equipment in Yunnan. Mr. Ganda of Komori ShangBang company believes that Yunnan is a big province of tobacco and cigarette bag printing, so it is also the largest market for gravure printing equipment. Printing enterprises in Yunnan have large investment and high output, so it is easier to accept high-priced and high-grade equipment. Yunnan's cigarette factories are large, and the batch of cigarette bag business is relatively large. Komori ShangBang gravure printing machine is suitable for this kind of large-scale long plate printing; In addition, the biggest feature of ShangBang equipment is drum die cutting, which can stabilize the printing quality and reduce waste at the same time

for the current trend of introducing offset printing machines in Yunnan, Mr. Ganda told us, "The real advantage of Komori ShangBang is the cylinder offset press. Now all the offset presses introduced in Yunnan are flat sheet offset presses. For cigarette bag printing enterprises, although cigarette bags can also be made, the printing volume can't be very large after all, and cylinder offset printing can ensure stable printing quality when printing large quantities of cigarette bags, which will be a new entry point for us in the Yunnan market. In March 2004, we innovatively installed a rotary offset press in Yuxi, and will It is online with gravure printing machine. In actual use, gravure printing is used to print field color blocks, while fine lines and patterns are realized by offset printing. Later, gravure printing or flexo printing can be used for glazing, and the whole production line can realize roll to roll printing and die cutting. At present, many printing plants use sheet fed gravure printing and offset printing together, so the cost is difficult to control and the scrap rate is also high. In Yuxi innovation, this line is dual-use, which can be used for both milk packaging and cigarette package printing "

in Yunnan, we not only sell equipment, but also communicate with customers and transform the existing equipment according to customers' requirements, because many foreign equipment needs to be improved to suit our printing factory after coming in. Our future development strategy is to expand to high-end equipment as much as possible. The next most important work is to use the traction spline of offset printing until the spline breaks, and introduce our roller offset printing technology to the printing plant. We believe that the successful commissioning of Yuxi innovation line should have a great impact on Yunnan's cigarette packet printing

ShangBang has the most complete series of gravure printing, offset printing and other equipment suitable for cigarette bag printing, and the offset printing equipment we now launch can be combined with the original gravure production line, so our technology is not contradictory with the original ShangBang gravure printing equipment of the enterprise, but complementary to each other

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