On wine packaging in China

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On wine packaging in China

it is no exaggeration to say that making a powerful packaging is more difficult than making a bottle of good wine -

what is a powerful packaging

it can effectively reduce consumers' choice time; It can provide effective guarantee for product quality; It can provide appropriate consumption feelings and promote the communication between brands and consumers; It can promote consumption, at least not form an obstacle to consumption; It can form a strong focus on the brand and product system of the enterprise...

"if wine is like a girl waiting to be married, then packaging is her Phoenix crown..."

as we all know, packaging is an important part of wine products, in a sense, packaging is sales force. For wine, especially

current situation of wine packaging in China

packaging plays an important role in the success factors of mainstream wine products and emerging products. Especially for emerging products, packaging is a powerful weapon for them

● Changyu Castel winery: the packaging has a distinctive European style, and the variation of bottle type can greatly improve the visual effect of consumers

● Dynasty dry red: excellent background patterns convey a consistent high-end feeling

● Huaxia 92: on the one hand, the background pattern of the great wall and the distinctive text logo of "Great Wall" express strong brand appeal; On the other hand, the use of wine bottles with gray spots brings people reverie and recognition about the year

● star rated Great Wall dry red: the star logo is eye-catching. From one star to five stars, star rated dry red shapes different product levels through packaging

● Yantai Great Wall: the eye-catching golden coastline logo and frame composition on September 12, as well as simple and clear colors, make it stand out in many wine packaging

● Yunnan red and Shangri La: the unique ethnic customs are very powerful and impress consumers

defects of wine packaging in China

compared with the continuous updating of wine products, the changes of wine packaging seem to lack novelty. After conducting market research and communicating with some packaging design companies, the author summarized several defects of Chinese wine packaging at present

1. Imitation of western style is popular, lacking local cultural characteristics

at present, domestic wine packaging has less local cultural characteristics of China, and most of them only stay in the follow-up and imitation of Western packaging style. To a certain extent, this is because consumers' awareness of "wine is imported" makes them still recognize this kind of packaging. Therefore, some people say that "wine packaging can not break through their birth problems". Even if COFCO Great Wall takes the "Great Wall" pattern with Chinese representative characteristics as the background, it is still a fusion under the Western packaging style

2. The change of tone and composition is single, and the brand promotion is not enough

the current domestic wine system is automatically cleared; Packaging has certain limitations in color and composition. The use of hues is basically fixed in the range of red, yellow, gold, white, black, etc., which makes it difficult for consumers to "brighten their eyes". The composition form is single, the selection of pattern background is concentrated on the landscape such as vineyard, and the overall structure is mostly arranged from top to bottom, which can not highlight the different characteristics of different brands and give consumers the feeling of sameness

the singleness of this change is due to the current consumption consciousness of consumers, but it has brought obstacles to the improvement of wine brand image

first of all, almost identical packaging can not affect consumers in the first sense, which increases the difficulty of choice for consumers with low identification ability

secondly, domestic consumers' loyalty to a single brand of wine is relatively low at this stage, and the packaging of fishy eyes will mislead them

thirdly, domestic wine packaging with small differentiation is not conducive to cultivating consumers' deep preference for brands, and cannot form a long-term impression in consumers' hearts, so it is difficult to form an effective improvement of brand image

3. Mature brands are lazy to "break through" packaging, and second-line brands lack packaging innovation.

packaging is the first medium to form brand awareness in the hearts of consumers. After a certain packaging form produces an inherent concept in the hearts of consumers, enterprises' standard micro printers may thus obtain loyal consumption. Therefore, many mature brands are lazy to break the tradition and make "break through" improvements in packaging

however, it is the nature of many consumers to "like the new and hate the old". The unchanging packaging will no longer attract the attention of consumers because it cannot adapt to the development of the trend and cannot meet their changing needs. In fact, consumers' recognition of a certain brand in packaging is usually limited to a certain part, such as the recognition of Weilong sweet wine "big belly bottle", the recognition of Great Wall star logo, the recognition of dynasty dry red background pattern, and so on. Therefore, as long as the packaging of mature brand products retains its widely recognized essence, and on this basis, it can be improved by integrating with the market development trend. This can not only highlight brand characteristics, but also attract more consumers

if the packaging of mature brand products is lazy to "break through" based on market recognition factors, then the packaging of second-line brand products is weak in innovation. Compared with mature brands, the market foundation of second-line brands is relatively weak. Therefore, through unique packaging, consumers can have a refreshing feeling and willingly "pay out" to buy, which is one of the breakthroughs for second-line brand products to occupy the market

looking at the second-line brand products in the current market, most of them still use the traditional European packaging, or follow the packaging mode of domestic first-line mainstream brand products, and play a "marginal ball", which cannot be unique. The author believes that the main reason is that in the current domestic wine market, challenges to traditional packaging need to take certain risks. Most second-line brands are "wise and safe", and would rather follow others to maintain a "half full" state, rather than "die before leaving the school"

4. The unity of packaging design and product appeal is insufficient, and there is a lack of systematic expression of products at different levels.

product attributes and appeals need packaging design to accurately convey to consumers. Packaging should focus on products, develop creativity and conceive layout according to the consumption preferences of target consumer groups and the established appeal points of products. Otherwise, it will lead to confusion of consumption consciousness. At present, the packaging of many domestic wines has not been well integrated with product demands

product level expression is another message that packaging needs to convey to consumers. For a brand, packaging should first establish an overall brand image, and then on this basis, through careful changes to reflect the outstanding characteristics of the brand's products at different levels

for example, high-end wines generally use gray bottom tones, cloth paper wine labels, bronzing printing, and many have outer boxes that match the inner bottle to express the deep connotation beyond wine; The color selection of medium and low-grade wines is relatively rich, the color difference is obvious, and the paper is light and thin. Now, although high-end and low-end products can be distinguished from each other in terms of packaging as a whole, there is still a lack of systematic expression of products at different levels

a certain range of color transition can be designed according to the product grade, so that consumers can recognize the brand and judge the product grade when they see the color. But at the same time, it should also be noted that the expression of the packaging level should not only enable consumers to marry the good impression of high-end wine to low-end wine, thereby generating loyalty to the brand, but also prevent low-end wine from damaging the image of high-end wine

wine packaging "new revolution"

packaging for different gender consumer groups

in terms of alcohol consumption, there are great differences between different gender consumer groups. Therefore, designing some targeted wines according to different gender may have unexpected effects. For example, wine is favored by many female consumers because of its special beauty and health care effects. According to a survey of the American wine market Council, women account for 60% of high-end wine buyers, which shows the important role of women in wine consumption. Therefore, we can design some packaging with female thinking, highlight female characteristics in the shape of the outer bottle, bottle logo pattern, packaging color and so on, and appropriately add some small ornaments to play the role of "finishing touch"

Theme packaging for different consumption occasions

for products sold in different consumption occasions or groups, product packaging can be designed according to the theme. For example, theme packaging for lovers' consumption, wedding consumption and Wedding Anniversary Theme packaging, birthday celebration theme packaging, etc. Now, Huaxia great wall and Yantai Great Wall and other brands have successively launched wedding banquet special wine, with the photos of the newlyweds as the main body of the bottle logo pattern, equipped with wedding greetings, and then set off the festive atmosphere with bright colors. Although it is produced in a small amount, it has distinctive commemorative significance, and will become the dominant consumption in the future

special packaging for different sales channels

special wine launched for different channels is a trend in the future development of wine products, including special wine for dealers, special wine for terminal stores, etc. Different targeted special wine should have its corresponding packaging design. According to the requirements of the dealers, they can independently design the bottle label pattern for the exclusive wine of the dealers. For the exclusive wine of the terminal stores, such as the exclusive wine of the dynasty night market, the pattern design and color matching complement the consumption environment of the night market; Another example is the Beijing Hotel, which is jointly launched by longhui and Beijing hotel. The main background pattern of the bottle label is Beijing hotel. These wines for different sales channels will have both brand characteristics and channel sales characteristics in packaging design. On the one hand, they will adapt to the sales environment, and on the other hand, they will promote the image of terminal stores while promoting the wine brand

fashion packaging for different consumer preferences

it is also very popular in foreign wine packaging to print "star photos" on bottle labels. Stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley were once popular wine label designs for wine enterprises. At present, this is rarely used in the wine label pattern of Chinese wine. Except that Xintian Manas dry red takes Hong Kong stars Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung as the image spokesmen, there are few cases of star heads printed on the bottle label of other brands of wine

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