Once the hottest habit is formed, it is easy to se

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Once a habit is formed, it is easy to see the "hidden" melting cloud

once a habit is formed, it is difficult to change

once the habit is formed, it is easy to pay attention to rongyun. This was once a hidden company, but it seems difficult to continue to hide. Because the communication cloud capability has become more and more obvious and has become the standard module of the digital world, because just as we can't live without it for a moment, we can't live without full communication

therefore, rongyun will become a hydropower company in the Internet era

is not an option, but a standard configuration

in addition to wearing a mask, it seems that this year is no different from previous years

habits have changed, just like it is difficult to quit after we develop the habit of drinking coffee. Education and telecommuting have also become a part of life, and even we have begun to clearly distinguish which scenarios have the best communication effect in meetings and which courses have higher learning efficiency

not only that. The court trial, medical treatment, bidding, humanized prompt and help system enables users to quickly familiarize themselves with the software system, and the habits of law enforcement and interview are also being formed. It seems that they are not an indispensable part of life, but we have changed the definition of time and space, and achieved the subversion of traditional business processes

enter the topic from here. Everything can be remote, everything is needed, which is inseparable from the opening of Xinyun service and the company of rongyun. Rongyun has been invisible in the application scenarios of 300000 apps and Qianxing Baiye all over the world. However, by enumerating a set of data, we can clarify its industry influence

at present, rongyun's services cover 233 countries and regions around the world; More than 70million daily users; SDK has reached more than 5billion users; The average daily message delivery volume exceeds 15billion. IResearch iResearch data report shows that the market share of rongyun instant messaging has ranked first for consecutive years

Han Ying, founder and CEO of rongyun

rongyun is an all communication cloud service provider. It is supporting all application communication scenarios with a set of SDK, and is providing cloud im (instant messaging) and audio and video capabilities to customers in the fields of Internet, government and enterprise applications, and intelligent hardware. Han Ying, the founder and CEO of the company, explained that the business positioning, communication cloud service is not an option, remote or module, will become the standard configuration in the enterprise digital system


just as we focus on cloud computing, we will also focus on communication cloud services with the same emphasis. Because cloud computing is the operating system of information infrastructure, communication cloud service is the network chip in the infrastructure. And its value is not just that it is generally painless. Communication cloud services can integrate fragmented business systems and closely connect communication capabilities with application scenarios, which is not comparable to ordinary social software and instant messaging tools

when they encounter the communication cloud service

problems continue here

what will be encountered if the communication cloud service moves forward? Obviously, 5g will be encountered first. 5g and communication cloud services, one is flying dragon in the sky, the other is hidden dragon in the abyss, it seems that there is not much contact. In fact, the connection between the two is not limited to the technical level. 5g has created countless application scenarios, and behind any application scenario, it is impossible to open the letter cloud

back in history, 4G network can be called a good teacher and friend of communication cloud. Although the concept of communication cloud service began in the 3G era, it is 4G network that really promotes its rapid development. Rongyun company was founded in 2014, that is, in that year, China's 4G network began to be officially commercial

the same historical opportunity is in front of rongyun, and it may be more imaginative. 5g network bandwidth is 10 times that of 4G, which may create multiple or even exponential application scenarios. Some of these application scenarios we have seen, such as cloud games, 3R (AR, VR, MR), industrial interconnection, car service, but more application scenarios may not be visible. This is like when 4G is commercial, we don't know what Tiktok is, and we don't know that live broadcast can not only watch ball games, but also blow goods into the air

of course, when the communication cloud service meets 5g, it will also encounter new infrastructure. In other words, the five instructions for the maintenance of hard hat testing machine, Xinyun service itself is a part of the new infrastructure. Because the value of the new infrastructure is to help traditional enterprises carry out digital transformation, we also believe that it is impossible to help enterprises carry out digital transformation without a clear infrastructure

rongyun fully adapts to domestic software and hardware products

more importantly, rongyun is the company with the most determined and thorough investment in the information and innovation industry. Han Ying has no hesitation in this regard, because he knows that communication cloud service is also one of the standard modules of the information innovation industry. At present, rongyun has completed the adaptation with products such as Kunpeng, Feiteng, Zhaoxin, Longxin, Dameng, NPC Jincang, dongfangtong tongweb, Kingdee Apusic, Tongxin UOS, and kylin. In other words, the information innovation industry without communication cloud services will be incomplete, and rongyun has formed a more complete information innovation industry with enterprises from chips and middleware to databases and operating systems

rongyun meets a better self

not only that

rongyun company will certainly continue to move forward, and if we move forward, rongyun will meet a better self. From the perspective of market dimension, Internet Applications (social networking, e-commerce, live broadcasting, education, etc.), government and enterprise industry applications (finance, public security, corporate communications, collaborative office, etc.), intelligent hardware (children's watches, companion robots, intelligent speakers, intelligent access control, etc.) are the three main tracks of rongyun

these three main tracks can be understood as the first half, the second half and extra time. Social networking, e-commerce, tourism and other Internet applications belong to the first half of the benchmarking of key enterprises supporting new materials. Some people say that the first half has entered the injury stoppage time stage, in fact, it is not the case. Just like last year's live broadcast was just the National Spring Festival Gala, this year's live broadcast has created Weiya, Li Jiaqi, Luo Yonghao and other stars with goods. The low delay live broadcast and cross room connection solutions launched by rongyun undoubtedly keep the industry fresh

not only that. Wave after wave of craze is pushing the consumer Internet forward. One hot spot after another has always made our eyes inseparable from consumer Internet. Looking at the weather vanes of the capital market, the vitality of consumer interconnection is more reflected in its continuous segmentation. The app that can analyze the ingredients of cosmetics is bound to get the enthusiasm of some people; Focusing on the application of community group buying, it is also running a horse to enclose land and expand territory

in parallel, that is, industrial interconnection, which is often referred to as government and enterprise industry applications. In this regard, take a look at many subsystems involved in smart cities, such as smart transportation, smart agriculture, smart parks, and smart property. Communication cloud services are not only solving the problem of communication, but also reconstructing business processes. The so-called community business maintenance, student registration, and agricultural experts are not running, all of which are inseparable from the support of the opening of information cloud

in addition, intelligent hardware is also the new track of rongyun company, which is not only solving the communication between people, but also solving the connection between people and things, things and things. At present, the shipment of smart watches with rongyun intelligent hardware solution has exceeded 15million. However, the intelligent application market is just starting, and the broader market lies in the connection between things. Han Ying did not disclose relevant solutions and strategies, but it is obvious that he has begun to lay out here

live like rongyun

it can be seen that whether it is Internet applications, government and enterprise applications, or the field of intelligent hardware, the future is full of vitality and has a broad market space. The more dynamic the market is, the greater the pressure on research and development will be. To seize the above opportunities, we need to have the support of corresponding technical strength

in this regard, although many companies want to live like rongyun, there is only one rongyun. Because there are bound to be few companies with full communication capabilities. Rongyun has been the first in the im field for many years, and its audio and video services have quickly entered the leading echelon

in fact, at the beginning or even earlier, rongyun was already storing the technical capabilities of audio and video services, but Im was the top priority of users at that time. After 2018, rongyun increased its research and development of audio and video services. Since then, it has been running fast in small steps, and has been iterating over four versions in three years. Moreover, during the epidemic period, the number of minutes used by rongyun audio and video services increased by more than four times over the same period last year

now users are almost 1+1, and they need IM and audio and video services at the same time. Han Ying was demand-oriented and explained the product roadmap. Think of the same, watching Tiktok or Taobao live, you can't help asking for product function details in the interactive area; In court, the video is tongue in cheek, and half a minute delay or Caton cannot be tolerated. Text and video have been born together, serving customers anytime, anywhere; Immersive interactive games need both IM and audio and video support services

the above is the market strategy, technology strategy and ecological strategy of rongyun. Some people say that rongyun is China's twilio. Han Ying doesn't hate this statement, but obviously he doesn't agree. Rongyun respects users' data and will not realize it through users' data. Rongyun will continue to increase research and development investment, continue to do a good job in the communication middle stage, close to the application scenario, in order to reduce the technical cost of users and ecological partners to obtain communication cloud services. When Han Ying made this statement, rongyun had just completed round D financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. It is conceivable that the development direction after obtaining the investment, because rongyun wants to do a lot of things

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