The hottest LED display screen shuffles faster

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The "reshuffle" of LED display screen has accelerated.

it was learned from the 2016 LED display screen industry brand event held in Shenzhen yesterday that at a time when the sales mode of LED display screen market has changed significantly, channel strategy has become the common choice of many enterprises. Together with brand image building, it has become the two major focuses of the current LED display screen industry to affirm the applicability of materials to a certain process and terminal use. Industry experts said that only by expanding the market with quality can the LED display industry achieve better development

since this year, is it easy for China to decompose waste plastics? The manufacturing industry is affected by factors such as rising labor costs and raw material prices. The price of LED display screen products is gradually rising, the development of the industry is gradually returning to rationality, and the pace of reshuffle is accelerated, enveloping the LED display screen industry again. Tengzehuan, founder of Huicong LED screen, said that the LED screen industry has become an industry that can be compared with the world in manufacturing in China, but it cannot avoid falling into the embarrassing situation of "manufacturing power" and "brand weak country". It needs the cooperation of multiple resources to promote the branding process of China's LED screen

insiders said that new products, technologies, brands and marketing will definitely become the mainstream of the market. For the industry, the market is more segmented, the field is more professional, and the channel is undergoing profound changes. Therefore, enterprises need a few enterprises in the stage of small batch production, sample delivery and testing to increase technological innovation, realize product upgrading, and then open up new markets

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