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LED car lights are so popular, do you see the business opportunity

according to the statistical data released by the traffic administration bureau of the Ministry of public security, by the end of December 2016, the number of motor vehicles in the country had reached 290million, of which 194million were cars; There are 360million motor vehicle drivers, of which more than 310million are motor vehicle drivers. This marks that China will soon become the largest country in the world in terms of motor vehicle ownership

according to the prediction of relevant experts, the global automotive lighting market capacity will reach 30billion US dollars. According to the carbon dioxide emission reduction target plan of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, led, as a recognized typical representative of low-carbon and environmental protection, the lamp of LED main light source will become a favorite in the field of automotive lighting, thus forming a market demand of 10 billion or even 100 billion. According to the statistics of the customs and the international station platform, the automotive lighting suppliers from China account for 76.3% of the automotive aftermarket, and the manufacturing precipitation of LED automotive lighting applications in China has reached the world advanced level

since 2017, LED lamps have shown double-digit growth in the Chinese market, and LED lamps will enter a stage of rapid development. In the field of post market circulation, it gradually moves from non mainstream market to mainstream market. At this time, there is another voice in the market. Will such a hot development shorten the industrial development cycle. On this issue, we also carefully consult industry merchants and experts, and the information we get from them is "no". Looking at the development process of the global lamp industry, the difference between us and international enterprises in terms of technical quality is about 40% at the time of the development of halogen lamps, and the difference is reduced to less than 20% at the time of the development of hid. In terms of the proportion of the current popular LED lamps in the automotive aftermarket, China's LED application can be said to be leading the world at present. From the perspective of vehicle ownership in China and the world, halogen lamps still account for 53% of vehicles. From the perspective of vehicle ownership led replacement market, LED is still in the initial stage of development, and the development space is still very large. Therefore, worrying about the industrial development cycle is only for a regional perspective rather than a global perspective. In addition, from the current social main light source, we have not seen the alternative product form of the new generation of social main light source, and the LED light beads at the upstream of the industrial chain are still in perfect development

led lights are so popular that someone wants to ask why

through careful observation, it is summarized as follows: first, LED lamp products are started at low voltage, and the safety factor is relatively high; Second, LED lamp products start instantly, which is more in line with human car needs; Third, the service life of LED lamps is longer than that of halogen lamps and HID lamps, basically exceeding the double-digit value; Fourth, energy conservation and environmental protection have obvious advantages over the development of new energy vehicles in the future trend; Fifth, with the continuous optimization and improvement of the upstream high-power LED lamp bead industry chain, the cost performance advantage of LED lamps will further appear. Sixth, the plasticity of LED light source is relatively strong, which is very suitable for the future personalized consumption trend. So far, the six points are enough to support the development advantages of LED lamps in vehicle lighting system

probe into the storage and recommendation technology of high-power automotive lighting LED package lamp beads

in order to talk about such a professional topic, first of all, I made a bad supplement to the basic concepts of optics. First of all, the color temperature (k, Kelvin) is the scale of the light color of the light source. In the gradual process of the color system from red to yellow to white to blue (warm to cold), the color temperature can be changed by the fusion of three colors (RGB). Light intensity (CD, candela, luminous flux/solid angle), the luminous flux emitted by the light source in the unit solid angle of the specified direction, this vehicle lighting is the most important measurement value. For example, the headlights are the combination of the two environments of the road plane and the three-dimensional space above the road surface. Illuminance (LX, lux, luminous flux x utilization coefficient X maintenance coefficient/area), luminous flux of visible light received per unit area, which is more suitable for vehicle detection and calibration. Color rendering index (RA), a measure of the degree to which the psychophysical color of the object illuminated by the light source conforms to the reality of the physical color of the object, the best value is 100, while the color rendering of LED lamp is between 90-100. Finally, this is the most important "luminous flux" (LM, lumen value), which is the part of the radiant power emitted by the light source that can be perceived by the human eye (basically calculated as 1W). It is proportional to the light intensity and illumination, so people usually use it as the main contrast value of the brightness of the light source

in order to clarify the information of LED upstream lamp beads, he has frequently participated in more than 40 technical decryption conferences and forums in the LED industry at home and abroad in the past four years, and also learned a lot of information from LED upstream lamp bead packaging enterprises OSRAM, Philips, Nichia, Samsung, Kerui, Seoul, LG, Addison, Jingyuan, Hongli, Tianxin, etc. According to industry sources, the theoretical value of the perfect luminous flux of LED can reach 500lm/W, which is close to the theoretical value of the perfect luminous flux of laser 600LM/W. of course, this needs time to optimize and perfect. At present, the luminous flux of LED upstream lamp bead packaging enterprises in the market is generally between 140-180lm/watt, and the high temperature resistance value of constant efficiency center is 320 ℃. It is predicted that the general deformation measurement resolution (mm) of luminous flux of lamp bead and core chip in the next iteration is 0.01 times between 180-250w/watt, and the high temperature resistance value of constant efficiency center is between 320-380 ℃. This is the prediction of people in the industry, and it is just a porter of information

where is the annual marketing time node of LED lights

timing is the key to determine whether the LED lights "follow the trend". According to the observation from the upstream lamp bead packaging enterprises, due to China's leadership in the application of LED lamps, the annual release period of high-power LED lamp beads in the upstream industry undoubtedly falls into China. The iterative release time of LED lamp beads is in late June of each year. Although the efficiency of LED lamp beads is improved every month, it is a period of significant improvement in iteration in late June of each year (the increase difference is more than 15-20%. If manufacturers of LED lamp applications release finished lamps in mid July, on the one hand, the product parameters are supported by data, and on the other hand, the market acceptance can be described as "following the trend". According to information search, the aaitf Shenzhen autumn exhibition on July 14-16, 2017 is just a window that can carry the centralized release of "new products" of LED lights in the autumn of 2017. At that time, it is bound to become a battleground for LED lamp application manufacturers. Of course, channel providers can also find and see the newly released "new LED lamp". I believe that channel providers will not miss this opportunity to make money

lamp sequence update, layout and business opportunities of 2017-2018 aaitf Shenzhen exhibition

as a comprehensive exhibition covering the front and rear decoration, overseas, e-commerce and terminal of the automotive industry, aaitf Shenzhen exhibition has carried out in-depth layout in the automotive lighting sector since 2012. In the past four years, from the "automotive lighting modification Culture Festival (Masters)" linking car owners and terminal stores (lamp modification stores, installation stores, repair garages and 4S stores), From linking terminal stores and channel merchants (auto lighting terminal store brand upgrading forum, lamp modification Summit Forum), from strengthening the invitation and fine docking services of professional lamp buyers at home and abroad, from strengthening the interaction of lamp participation in semi front decoration (4S channel advanced seminar), from introducing the International Auto Lighting Forum of face-to-face decoration, etc. It can be said that the whole industrial chain layout of front loading, semi front loading, channels, terminal stores and car owners in the automotive lighting industry has been completed. From the 2016 spring exhibition, the layout efficiency is beginning to show. According to the survey feedback data of more than 300 lighting exhibitors, 95% of the exhibitors have achieved or exceeded their historical exhibition effect and expectation, and they give very high praise to the organizer in the organization of buyers in automotive lighting. According to the organizer of aaitf Shenzhen exhibition, at present, the achievements of the automotive lighting sector are only the beginning of the goal. By 2019, aaitf will expand to the new Shenzhen Pavilion, and each session will reach 500000 square meters. The goal of the automotive lighting sector will reach 50000 square meters. In this process, it is bound to achieve the transformation and development of nearly 1000 lamp light sources and lamp manufacturers, and grow into international automotive lighting enterprises, Competing with international automotive lighting enterprises that adopt two-way servo control mode in the world, let's eagerly look forward to this day

under the new pattern, how to support the explosive points and business opportunities of the LED lamp era

first of all, from the consumption trigger point, consumption is based on demand, which is restricted by the information flow, and the bandwidth of the information flow is certain in a certain environment and at a certain time. The bandwidth is equivalent to that one road can run at the same time. For example, eight cars. If we can occupy multiple roads, the information flow will be robbed by us, and there will be more consumption opportunities for our products, Therefore, it is very important to occupy the information channel and industry "identity"

moreover, from the national macroeconomic trend, supply side structural reform, economic transformation, credit constitution construction and the realization of the grand goal of going to a well-off society, material demand will be further met. According to Maslow's five level theory of demand, China will soon enter the spiritual demand stage of safety, emotional belonging, pursuit of respect and self transcendence. This stage demand is also the best opportunity for enterprise brand growth to absorb nutrients, and enterprise brand growth will enter the channel of rapid development. At present, China's industry has experienced the accumulated development of reform and opening up for more than 30 years. If we only find a gap with our competitors in "good quality and low price of products", the development space is bound to be very limited, and the enterprise operation will turn to the competition of brand, service and mode, The original time and energy ratio of enterprises will also change greatly (sales and service 8:2, which is bound to change to sales and service 2:8. Holding product conferences and dealers' annual meetings during industry exhibitions are important ways and methods for this change), and distance themselves from competitors, 3) Users can't enjoy a comprehensive material database due to man-made damage, which is the basis of esacomp's micro mechanical and solid/sandwich panel analysis ability. By warranty service, the corner overtaking effect will also occur. Fortunately, we are all the experience and power source of this change. Quoting grandpa Mao's words "count the celebrities, but look at the present", the times also help the warriors who "meet bravely on a narrow road". Let's join hands and move forward bravely

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