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LED application classroom lighting is the general trend

at the beginning of the new semester, many parents and students are busy preparing for the college entrance examination. According to the Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, the physical examination time for the college entrance examination in Beijing this year is from March 1 to March 20. At the same time, I learned that in recent years, in the college entrance examination, the lack of vision is very common, and has become a major health problem for teenagers

at the end of October last year, the Ministry of education, the national health and Family Planning Commission and the general office of the State General Administration of sports jointly issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents, aiming to effectively control the incidence of myopia among children and adolescents in China and improve the visual health level of children and adolescents. The document points out that all primary and secondary schools should ensure that the lighting and lighting of classrooms meet the requirements of relevant national documents and standards, and provide students with a learning environment that meets the requirements of eye hygiene

then, what kind of learning environment can meet the requirements of using eyes? During the visit, we learned that many teachers and students are not particularly satisfied with the current classroom lighting environment, but also found an "interesting phenomenon" - school teachers and students using LED (light emitting diode) lamps generally reflect that the lighting environment is good. Whether classroom lighting with LED is suitable for students? With this question, we interviewed Yu Anqi, deputy director of the national electric light source quality supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai), visiting professor of the Institute of electric light sources of Fudan University and President of Shanghai lighting society

: Currently, LED is widely used in home, commerce The model of public lighting and other fields is MWD ⑴ 0b2: digital display (liquid crystal display, fluorescent lamps are mostly used in the field of classroom lighting. Are fluorescent lamps more suitable for students and have more advantages?

Yu Anqi: in fact, six years ago, I did not support the application of LED lighting products in classroom lighting, because at that time, the technical level of LED lighting products was far from reaching the level of traditional fluorescent lamps. LED lighting technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, and high-quality LED lamps and light sources are in light efficiency, light color temperature and color rendering Index, light distribution, light attenuation and reliability are all better than traditional light sources

at present, the fluorescent lamps used in most classrooms have unavoidable problems, and the illumination and uniformity of desks are generally lower than the national standards due to serious light failure; Direct light to the students' eyes produces glare, and the configured inductive ballast has serious light. When the instigator alarms, it must be replaced immediately; Stroboscopic is bound to cause visual fatigue and myopia. Moreover, fluorescent lamps contain mercury, whose pollution to the environment is immeasurable, and will be phased out in the future

in addition, LED has three characteristics of energy saving, power saving, ultra long service life and extremely low maintenance cost, which are also unmatched by fluorescent lamps. Therefore, in the field of classroom lighting, a new generation of high-quality LED products with high-efficiency eye care, energy conservation and environmental protection should be introduced in time, which is very important for the protection of students' eyesight. When bidding, the reasonable price of polyurea is 33 yuan (3) 5 yuan per kilogram

: at present, some parents or institutions have some concerns about the so-called "blue light hazard" of LED lighting products. What do you think of this problem

Yu Anqi: first of all, it should be clear that blue light is an important part of visible light. Whether it is natural seven color light or synthetic three basic color light, there is no white light without blue light. Generally speaking, under the same color temperature, LED lighting products will not produce more blue light than other types of lighting products

as for the blue light hazard of LED lighting products, there is a very clear judgment basis in the standard jointly issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the China National Standardization Administration Committee. As long as the LED lighting products meet rg0 or Rg1, they can be safely used. It is better to pay more attention to the problems of fluorescent lamps than to "over interpret" the harm of LED blue light

: some parents or institutions think that there is no relevant national standard for LED lamps. What do you think of this interpretation

Yu Anqi: at present, some schools use LED straight tube lamps to replace fluorescent lamps, and there is indeed no national product standard for this category. But we should make it clear that led straight tube lamps are only one of many LED lighting products. We usually divide LED lighting products into led replacement light sources, LED lamps, etc., and led straight pipes are one of the subdivisions of LED replacement light sources. There is no corresponding national product standard for LED straight tube lamps, but it does not mean that there is no corresponding standard for other types of LED lighting products. On the contrary, other LED lamps have perfect safety standards and performance standards, and have clear test methods and certification rules

in the "table of description and definition of compulsory product certification catalogue" revised by China National Certification and Accreditation Administration, LED lamps are classified as director Wang in the tenth category of lighting appliances: at present, the localization level of automotive engineering plastics and composite materials is still a small category of "lamps" products, and the control devices used by LED lamps are directly listed as the fifth product in the second category of the tenth category of lighting appliances. You can search the relevant product certification and accreditation information on the CNCA website

: you support the application of LED lighting products in the field of classroom lighting, but at present, in the relevant standards of school lighting, such as gb7793-2010 hygienic standard for lighting and lighting in primary and secondary school classrooms and jgj310-2013 code for electronic design of educational buildings, fluorescent lamps are recommended for classrooms. What do you think

Yu Anqi: speaking of these two standards, I have to mention the time point of standard formulation. The normal standard formulation process cycle is at least 2 years, so it is not difficult to calculate that the formulation time of gb7793-2010/jgj310-2013 is before 2011, and in the period of six years ago, led as a general lighting application is in its infancy, and the technology is not mature, so it is not difficult to understand that the standard recommends the use of the most mature and efficient rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamp at that time. In addition, the standard only recommends the use of rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamps with a small pipe diameter of less than 26mm in classrooms, and does not prohibit the use of LED lighting fixtures

I also mentioned the reasons why LED products are used in classroom lighting from unsupported to supported. However, the LED industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and has been tested by the large-scale market. In addition, national and local governments have also issued relevant documents for many times to clearly support the popularization and application of LED. The application of LED in classroom lighting is also a general trend. Finally, from the perspective of students' health, no matter what light source is used, products that meet national standards and obtain national compulsory certification must be strictly adopted

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