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A new way of packaging bottle anti-counterfeiting: ink and software

today, the Chinese market is still strongly poisoned by fake and shoddy products: up to the national macro-economy is affected by fake and shoddy products, down to the brand image and reputation of enterprises are damaged, and sometimes even endanger the personal safety of consumers

in the fields of food, alcohol and medicine, due to the particularity of products, the harm of fake and inferior products is self-evident. People have never slackened their efforts to prevent and crack down on fake and shoddy goods, but they have achieved little. At present, affixing anti-counterfeiting labels on products is the most extensive anti-counterfeiting measure using the research results of Jinan assay on friction. The anti-counterfeiting label is not only expensive, but also can only temporarily alleviate the emergence of counterfeit products, because soon after the product goes on the market, counterfeiters can imitate this type of packaging, and manufacturers are again surrounded by fake and inferior products

the progress of inkjet technology has long exceeded its identification function. Through high-tech ink, powerful software and advanced printing equipment, food and beverage and pharmaceutical enterprises can also use printing technology to achieve anti-counterfeiting

special ink

inkjet technology can print various information on the surface of the package, including bar code, product identification, production date, etc., which can reach as many as five lines. If the manufacturer can change the inkjet text at any time, the forgers will have to give up, because they cannot print the correct information on the counterfeit products. The special ink developed by Zanasi's Ministry of chemical industry and used separately with large character inkjet printer and small character inkjet printer can support manufacturers to change character and text information. More importantly, the manufacturer's use of this ink will not affect the packaging design. This is because the information sprayed with these special inks is invisible in the sun, and can only be seen through ultraviolet light

the methanol content of all Zanasi inks is zero. In addition, according to the European toxic substances restriction directive 2002/95/ce (European ROHS directive), all Zanasi inks do not add more professional metal pigments and pigments for the sake of various services of the machine

software support

nowadays, two-dimensional bar code is widely used in industrial fields because of its higher reliability, which can be obtained by ring opening polymerization of P-2 oxane ketone and greater information storage capacity. Relying on professional research and development, zanaxi's inkjet equipment can not only print ordinary barcodes, but also easily handle complex barcodes such as two-dimensional barcodes. In addition, in the interface of information layout setting, the barcode calculator can change up to eight numbers at the same time, so zhanaxi inkjet printer can print unique barcodes for each box of products

in addition, zanaxi has also developed some special software, which can use multiple data (production date, hour, minute, second, production line and branch number, customer code, etc.) to draw up encrypted numbers on each product package. On the surface, these numbers seem to have no meaning or logic, but in essence, they can be read by special visual software. In this way, manufacturers can ensure that only designated people can identify whether the products in their hands are genuine through software

the above anti-counterfeiting solutions can be achieved through all inkjet printers developed by zanaxi. Customers can choose different inks according to different packaging materials, choose different printing resolutions, and set different inkjet schemes, such as the solution of large character system (NZ nozzle), small character system (z4000 and z5000 Series) or high-definition system (modulprint and Z640 system), etc

through the large character system or high-definition system with multiple nozzles, or through the small character integration system, customers can achieve a unique product recognition scheme. According to the requirements of customers, zhanaxi can use specific software to connect the inkjet printer with the customer's equipment for coordinated use

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