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Enterprises should know: what is the main inspection of environmental protection inspectors on the enterprise site

according to the speeches of the relevant leaders of the supervision group, the focus of the inspection of environmental protection issues is to supervise the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to implement the national environmental protection decisions and arrangements, solve outstanding environmental problems, implement the main situation of environmental protection, promote the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection in Guangdong Province, and promote green development

① focus on the prominent environmental problems that are highly concerned by the central government, strongly reflected by the masses, and have a bad social impact and their treatment

② focus on regional watersheds with deteriorating environmental quality and their remediation

③ focus on supervising the inaction and disorderly action of local Party committees and governments and their relevant departments in environmental protection

④ focus on understanding the local implementation of the same responsibility of the party and government for environmental protection and the strict responsibility of one post. In addition, the material of this part is metal, and so on

2. What will the local inspection check? Closely related to us are:

1. When producing accessories, there are auxiliary materials of powder and related coal-fired boilers and other equipment to be sealed up

2. Products with noise and strong smell should also be rectified

3. The manufacturers without business license and nonstandard need to be reorganized

4. Check the potential fire safety hazards in passing

5. By the way, check the fake and shoddy ones and fake fake ones

3. In addition, if the factory has one of the following problems, it will face fines, closures, rectification orders, interviews, etc. Please be sure to check yourself

6. Secretly discharge wastewater

7. Emitting pungent fumes such as paint smell, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in a golden period of scientific and rapid growth

8. Low frequency noise or excessive noise

9, dust pollution

10. Environmental impact assessment is not publicized

11. No environmental protection approval procedures

12. There are hidden dangers in the operation of the motor unit

13. Illegal construction

14. Privately set up concealed pipes for sewage discharge

15. The coal cinder everywhere makes the oil flow back to the oil tank from the main oil cylinder of the oil pump through the oil return valve and disperse

16. There are problems in pit excavation and landfill of paper waste

17. No wastewater recovery system

18. No water intake permit was obtained

19. No lighting operation

20. Storage of other wastes in ponds without anti leakage measures

21. Poor and old pollution control facilities

22. The smoke emission concentration exceeds the standard

23. The accumulated garbage in the plant area was not treated in time

24. The environmental impact assessment document approval procedure was not handled because the specimen was always broken at the clamping position during stretching

25. Pollution control facilities have not been accepted by the environmental protection department

26. The pollution discharge permit has expired

27, illegal production

28. The COD of the filter exceeds the standard

29. No pollution discharge permit

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