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Enterprise management also requires political commissar

all abnormal MLM organizations have a common feature - fanaticism, and the destructive power it produces only leaves a negative impression on most people. However, from another perspective, we can also find something useful from these organizations. In fact, they are extreme examples of activated organizations, and a benign activated organization will not only not produce destructive effects, but also greatly improve the efficiency of economic society

the so-called activated organization refers to that the thoughts of "people" who constitute the most basic elements of the organization are generally in a positive, active and upward state. In such an organization, people can obviously feel passion and inspiration. Once an organization is activated, its power is immeasurable. GM employees in North America are better treated than Toyota employees in North America, but according to the survey, their employee satisfaction is not as good as Toyota. The underlying reason is that when this box is loaded with any load, the sample immediately starts the journey of "experience"

enterprise organization is composed of people, but under the framework of organization, people have become "non-human". In the early stage of capitalism, people understood "non-human" as a "machine" that can create value, then further understood as "human resources", and now understood as "human capital". But no matter what term is used, it seems that people have lost what they call human nature consciousness and initiative

a survey is very illustrative. Sirota survey intelligence company conducted a survey of about 1.2 million employees in 52 Fortune 500 enterprises in, and found that the vast majority of employees are full of passion when starting a new job; However, in 85% of companies, staff morale will drop sharply after six months of work, and then it will continue to deteriorate over time. This shows that it is not that the enterprise cannot recruit passionate employees, but that the passion of employees has been eroded in the work. This is why we need to build an active organization

in a broad sense, activated organizations can be divided into three categories: one is spiritual activated, and cult organizations belong to extreme spiritual activated types; The second is the material activation type, and the extreme example is the MLM organization; The third type is between the two, and it is also the most ideal activated Organization (see the figure below). In general, both spiritual activation and material activation can only survive under specific conditions and for a specific time, and cannot last long. Therefore, we need to find an appropriate balance between the two

enterprise organization has its particularity. An ideal activated enterprise organization should provide employees with three needs, namely, a sense of security, a sense of achievement and a sense of belonging

generally speaking, safety is to keep a job, which is the most basic need and the premise of building an activated organization. Obviously, if employees think that no matter how hard they work, they may be fired at any time, building an activated organization can only be an illusion. In this regard, although Japan's lifelong employment system has gone to extremes, its role in providing a sense of security is beyond doubt

a sense of achievement is the key to establishing an activated organization. More and more psychological research shows that happiness, development, happiness and satisfaction are the main motivation of human achievement. If employees work hard but don't get the satisfaction of a sense of achievement, such enterprises naturally lack passion. Sirota survey intelligence company found that even in those top 500 companies, about half of the employees surveyed reported that they received little or no appreciation in the company, and about 2/3 of the employees interviewed said that enterprise managers were more inclined to criticize employees when they showed bad performance than to praise them when they did a good job. In such an organization that lacks a sense of achievement, it is not surprising that morale has declined and led to the decline of once brilliant enterprises

there are many channels and ways to let employees get a sense of achievement, but one thing is the same, that is, to set up a resonant and encouraging organizational vision, and arouse the desire of employees to challenge, and after the enterprise reaches the stage goal, it should give employees spiritual and material rewards as soon as possible (continue to write the content on the previous page of the letter)

David Packard, the founder of HP, said, "many people mistakenly believe that the main purpose of the company's survival is to make money. With the deepening of the investigation, we will come to the conclusion that a group of people come together to form an organization called the company in order to jointly achieve things that they cannot do alone. Although this sounds very old-fashioned, it is the most basic." What individuals cannot accomplish alone is the organization's goals and vision

in this process, the interpretation, communication and transmission of goals are very important. It is the best realm to transform the enterprise's goals into the internal driving force of employees. In the era of the Chinese revolution, many people with lofty ideals sacrificed their lives to pursue the ideals in their hearts. The underlying driving force is similar to this internal driving force, which can even enable an organization to complete a seemingly impossible mission. After the fall harvest uprising led by Mao Zedong was defeated in 1927, the uprising troops were reorganized in Sanwan, Yongxin, Jiangxi Province, and Party organizations at all levels were established in the troops, with branches located in companies. From another perspective, it is such a setting that ensures the consistency of the goals of the whole organization. The Chinese people's Liberation Army still has a political commissar, one of whose duties is spiritual propaganda and activation

as far as the total demand for plastic pipes will continue to grow, enterprises, from the 5-dollar daily salary system implemented by Ford to stock options and various welfare benefits, are all designed to materially motivate employees. However, these are still not enough to completely solve the problem of sense of achievement. Many enterprises do more work on material incentives, ignoring the activation of the spiritual level. Perhaps at some time in the future, enterprises will also set up positions like "chief ideological officer". However, the lessons of the past also tell us that only spirit is not enough, and the acquisition of a lasting sense of achievement must be a combination of spiritual and material incentives

the sense of belonging basically belongs to the spiritual sense, which is reflected in the identification of the whole organization and the integration of individuals and organizations. Even if an employee team that lacks a sense of belonging stays in the organization due to material considerations, its creativity and vitality are not guaranteed

activated tissues exist in two distinct environmental matrices. One environment is the simplification of personnel thought and the mechanization of organizational discipline, but such an activated organization is very easy to become an extreme activated organization; The other is an environment with smooth communication channels, loose and diversified ideas. In this environment, the activated organization is benign, open and creative, which is also what we want to pursue

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