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With the development of economy, the packaging industry is also changing with each passing day. At present, China has become the second largest packaging country in the world, but small enterprises and scattered structure are still the main characteristics of China's packaging industry at this stage. In order to improve this situation, many enterprises have begun to optimize and restructure. 209. Bio based light industrial materials in September, 2010, China Xinmeng packaging and decoration Co., Ltd., which was integrated by four upstream and downstream enterprises including Ouyi packaging, high-tech color printing packaging, Huaguang packaging, 4. High speed collection of experimental data HSBC packaging, and a natural person through asset restructuring, has always received much attention and developed rapidly. The restructured enterprises also have the strength to compete with famous enterprises, with an annual output value of 220million yuan last year

Chen Jinguo, chairman of China Xinmeng packaging and decoration Co., Ltd., said that he was not afraid of no business, just afraid of too late for production, Thousands of inspections have been invested in equipment upgrading, and the surface of the plate began to appear wrinkles and bulges of 10000 yuan. Although the output value of the enterprise increased by 10%, the busy orders still overwhelmed the enterprise

nowadays, although the enterprise has introduced a full-automatic high-speed seven layer corrugated board production line and a number of full-automatic printing machines, the order is still too late for production. According to the original plan, the orders received the previous day can be delivered and shipped the next day. Now, the orders are too late for production. These orders are not only from Wenzhou, but also from the other side of the ocean

according to Chen Jinguo, due to the restrictions of the plant, many new jobs of the enterprise dare not be carried out, and even small orders have been cancelled. However, it is estimated that by the end of next year, after the completion of the plant with an area of 45000 square meters in oujiangkou New Area, a lot of work will be carried out, and the output value will increase greatly

in order to improve the current situation of the development of the packaging industry and promote economic development, all regions should strengthen the early guidance of enterprise integration and reorganization. The departments of economy, information technology, taxation, industry and Commerce and other departments should establish a special working service group to guide the integration and reorganization work throughout the process and implement relevant supporting policies. To become bigger and stronger, enterprises should take the road of alliance and complement each other's advantages. Only in this way can we have the ability to break through and solve the low, small and scattered situation of package printing enterprises, become bigger and stronger, attract the attention of government departments, and solve the problems of capital and land more effectively and quickly

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