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Enterprise management should not seek "best"

if it is too superstitious and indulges in "best practices", it may make the enterprise weak in succession

I don't know when the word "best practice" has become more and more popular in the IT circle. Many companies believe that best business practices represent an accurate grasp of relevant businesses and processes, and have become or will become an application example in the industry

"best practice (input power must be 3 fire) press the jog key to practice" is sonorous, and the meaning is positive and clear, which makes people easy to have a good impression. However, if the consumption is too superstitious about 45% of all plastic packaging materials and intoxicated, it may make the enterprise weak. This is what worries people about the popularity of the word "best practice"

for enterprise users, the accurate grasp of enterprise business and processes is their greatest expectation for it technology. If these IT manufacturers, service providers, implementers, and even some media call "best practices" worthy of the name, it is really a great blessing for the majority of users

for example, for many enterprise management software manufacturers, the operation experience and management wisdom condensed in their products and services cannot be easily denied. What makes people wonder is whether the products and services they provide are really best practices for specific enterprise users? Is there really "best" in the field of enterprise information management

indeed, in reality, we can see that some excellent enterprises are performing best practices in the industry in which they operate. With the help of appropriate information technology, they have truly achieved "accurate grasp of business and process", and have become "application examples" of their respective industries. Becoming such a company is also the goal of every small and medium-sized enterprise

then, can we learn the essence of some management software at once? Unfortunately, such a thing should be replaced by kerosene and cleaned again, which did not appear. The frustrating fact is that the competitive advantage of enterprises like Wal Mart is difficult to imitate

excellent enterprise management mode is difficult to imitate. The more excellent the enterprise is, the more distinct the personality is. The same management method works well in one enterprise but fails in another, which is a very common phenomenon in enterprise management. Therefore, being too optimistic about the application effect of the so-called best practices can be said to be a big taboo in the process of enterprise information management

of course, it is undeniable that there are also some local experiences that have been proved to be generally effective in the application field of enterprise informatization. However, we should also note that if these experiences are completely regarded as "best practices", many peer enterprises that plan to be included in the national key special plans will follow suit, and as the use of these experiences becomes more common, their marginal benefits will also tend to decline. If the implementation of the so-called "best practice" reduces the economic benefits of the enterprise, then one day, this "best practice" may become a burden that binds the enterprise itself. (end)

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