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+ contact center is an important link for enterprises to interact with existing and potential customers. Building the most efficient contact center is a challenging and critical process, because:

+ the average wind speed in the test box when the customer is unloaded is 0.6 ~ 0.8m/s, and the quality of care depends on whether the call can be transferred to the knowledgeable customer representative

Managers need a modern contact center system to flexibly and effectively control and reduce costs and respond to market changes in a timely manner

+ managers need to manage applications to monitor service levels and adjust the system in real time, which is not affected by the actual location of seats

+ agents need simple and easy-to-use desktop application functions to carry out their daily activities

what is needed to establish a world-class contact center

Alcatel Lucent OmniTouch series is needed. This is a new modular contact center scheme, which has the following characteristics:

CC distribution

this is an affordable price. CC distribution (contact center distribution) is the core of the contact center. It is based on an innovative, patented model that simplifies skill based distribution design and management

cc supervision

cc supervision combines monitoring and configuration in one step. With the left mouse click, you can access real-time graphic monitoring. Right also reduces the harm to human health. Click the mouse, and you can easily access the graphic configuration

The functions of


ccivr (contact center interactive voice response) include using the latest speech recognition and text to speech technology to provide a new way for end users to interact with customers. With the help of automatic services, it can significantly save costs, and Microsoft window single component polyurethane hydrogel with high water holding capacity and high mechanical strength has the advantages of convenient construction, ecological environmental protection and other industry standards to achieve investment protection


cc agent (contact center agent) is an application used as an integrated front-end or CRM desktop component

CC outbound

CC outbound is a product of Alcatel Lucent OmniTouch series, which is both a dialer and an outbound activity manager. This advanced solution is used to implement marketing campaigns. CC outbound provides a variety of dialing modes, supports voice detection and call mixing, and has an integrated desktop seat with full-function activity management function and unified monitoring


Alcatel lucent contact center solution provides cutting-edge technology and fully integrated CTI links. Open architecture and Alcatel Lucent's commitment to partnership ensure compatibility with third-party applications. Note: for more details, please refer to the attached product insert

Alcatel Lucent omnipcx enterprise

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