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Enterprise production monitoring based on client/server mode

mcgs 5.1 configuration software provides the solution and application of client/server mode based on network. This kind of system is a large-scale system with many monitoring points, which needs to monitor many pictures at the same time, and carry out complex alarm and historical data processing while further reducing the product cost. The system structure based on client/server mode has three main purposes: first, it is to distribute the key components of the system to prevent the system from completely stopping service due to the failure of a single server; The second is to distribute the whole application program to multiple servers and distribute the load among multiple servers, so as to form a flexible structure of distributed processing and process the data generated by the large data acquisition system; The third is to dispatch the data far away from the physical location to the central location of the enterprise for comprehensive display and processing

typical representatives of this kind of system are: various gas and oil metering systems in the petrochemical industry, monitoring systems in the oil tank area, monitoring systems for large chemical plant installations, cement plant network monitoring systems, electric energy metering network management systems, distillery production network monitoring systems, gas and tap water metering monitoring systems, and various plant level enterprise production information network monitoring systems. MCGS configuration software provides the ability to run different parts of the application program on each server node, so as to disperse the key components of the whole system, so that on the other hand, the system will not completely stop serving because of the failure of a single server. At the same time, it also disperses the load of the whole system, so it can process a larger amount of data acquisition information. MCGS configuration software allows unrestricted clients to access the data server to obtain production data. Clients can start at any time according to their own needs, eliminate the production capacity of 10million tons of synthetic ammonia, 10million tons of urea and 1million tons of ammonium phosphate (converted into P2O5) or exit in three years. MCGS configuration software allows the establishment of highly dispersed systems in physical locations to collect production data in a large geographical range. Large data acquisition systems can be constructed through tcp/ip based networks, 485 buses, modems, flexible dial-up strategies, microwave networks, optical fiber networks, and even digital radio stations. This system is especially suitable for systems with large geographical locations such as mines, oil fields, water treatment, etc

at the same time, MCGS configuration software can also well adapt to the unstable and interrupted state of the communication line. Through historical data cache and line disconnection retry, the failure of the communication line can only temporarily affect the real-time data, and then unload and transmit the oil collector, without affecting the integrity of measurement data and the generation of production reports

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