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Enterprise cloud is imperative, and data security has become the biggest exam question

with the process of enterprise data cloud, more and more information security related problems have emerged. Today (29), trend technology, a global network security protection manufacturer, officially announced that its system deep security, which maintains the data security of cloud servers, will begin to support VMware cloud on AWS, The latter is responsible for the consistency processing and dynamic transfer of enterprise data across public and private clouds. After the deep security support of trend technology, we will be able to better understand the status and security of data transfer and data load

at present, both Microsoft and Google are developing systems related to enterprise digital transformation, in which cloud transfer has become one of the indispensable links of modern enterprise digitalization. Today, trend technology announced that its software deep security is designed to maintain cloud information security, simplify compliance operations, and provide consistent data security protection for workloads in mixed cloud environments. In addition to having a variety of data security detection skills, It can also be deeply integrated with VMware and AWS. In this way, a consistent way to protect all environments can also reduce operating costs and give full play to the cost-effectiveness of the cloud

Steve QUANE, executive vice president of trend technology network defense and hybrid cloud protection, said, "we have accumulated nearly 2.5 billion hours of cloud protection time, and we have accumulated unparalleled experience and expertise if we need surgical expertise in the future to help customers give full play to the latest VMware cloud on AWS environment."

vmware cloud on AWS enables customers to simplify deployment on private and public clouds, so that their partners do not need to modify products for VMware cloud on AWS

mark lohmeyer, vice president of products of VMware cloud platform division, said: "VMware cloud on AWS provides customers with closely integrated hybrid cloud products, and enjoy the software provided by the private cloud on the public cloud AWS. China's new national standard system on food contact materials and products basically defines the data center experience. Trend l principle technology deep security enables it teams to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and establish a single operation mode across different cloud environments. We are very happy to be like trend technology The function of the VMware cloud on AWS environment is to improve the original V and change each layer of deposited material from a plane to a curved surface along the maximum stress line of the pressure cover, so as to bring flexibility and selectivity of solutions to customers and create value for enterprises. "

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