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The enterprise switchboard solves the enterprise's "internal and external problems"

the old saying says, born in sorrow, die in happiness. As the helmsman of the enterprise, decision-makers determine the success or failure of the enterprise. Only by constantly examining various problems inside and outside the enterprise, can they avoid risks in time, remove hidden dangers, and gain a firm foothold in the industry competition. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Only a well functioning office system can support various blueprints of enterprises and naturally become the first priority for enterprises to solve domestic and foreign problems. As the first source of information, enterprise office communication plays an increasingly prominent role in the era of big data. As a leading scientific and technological achievement in the field of office communications in the new era, the enterprise cloud switchboard independently developed by Hongbo ICT will help enterprises solve their current domestic and foreign problems

1. Internal office rigidity? Virtual switchboard speaks with flexibility and practicality

in the process of internal operation of the enterprise because we have found a sustainable innovative cooperation mode, the most worrying thing is not oneortwo occasional mistakes, but the rigidity of the overall office process and low efficiency. This hidden worry, which fundamentally lags behind, is far more risky and threatening than those problems on the surface. In recent years, China's scientific and technological achievements continue to appear. Why is it that the handle sleeve cannot be loosened after the experiment? Hongbo Xintong cloud switchboard timely saw the root cause of internal worries - the communication between links in the office was blocked, and the communication of employees was rigid and complicated. The best solution to the input-output problem that cannot be solved by traditional enterprise office can be found in the use of Hongbo Xintong cloud switchboard - flexible, simple and economical

flexible, the extension setting is free and independent, and the number scheme changes with the company's needs. The smooth connection of office anytime and anywhere allows internal personnel to communicate unimpeded; It is simple and convenient. The application process is like registering an email. When it is used, multiple terminals such as PC and pad are compatible, and the company is not responsible for equipment maintenance; Economical, the virtual switchboard not only directly saves the company the cost of equipment purchase, but also realizes the long-term savings of zero internal call fees for employees and no long-distance costs for remote wiring. No flexibility, no progress. Virtual switchboard wins because of its diversified charm, which makes the internal worries of enterprises not enough to fear

2. Inadequate external response? How to improve customer stickiness if the switchboard deployment does not fail

? How to improve service quality? How to grasp more business opportunities? In reality, customers can't be answered in time, the service process is too long and complex, and the voice prompt is not clear enough. These flaws in the external response of enterprises always remind enterprise managers that there are potential risks of loss of customers, which can't be avoided by traditional enterprise offices. Where should enterprise communication go? The emergence of Hongbo ICT virtual enterprise switchboard is the new direction of office development in the cloud era - cloud switchboard, which is enough to eliminate these enterprise foreign aggression

the configuration of Hongbo ICT enterprise switchboard brings enterprises more mobile office calls, more options for answering, more independent and intimate voice settings, richer and comprehensive service functions, and more flexible extension settings. The number scheme can also be customized according to the enterprise's own conditions. At the same time, it provides mobile office services anytime and anywhere, undoubtedly creating a more powerful external communication response service and shortening the waiting time of customers, Simplify the operation process of wiring, minimize errors and omissions, and let customers feel the reliability and professionalism of the enterprise. Through careful and complete functional deployment and services, the enterprise switchboard can easily remove many uncontrollable foreign aggression in the past, which has brought direct and considerable benefits to enterprises to expand customer sources and grasp business opportunities

3. The solution is to solve internal and external problems caused by the final sudden fracture, and improve the unified image

because the situation of each enterprise is different, an advanced office system should make appropriate adjustments in time according to the needs of the enterprise -- the cloud switchboard is competent. In the short term, the deployment of the cloud switchboard allows the company to skillfully solve its internal and external problems; In the long run, the unified image of the enterprise has been improved over time. The strong mobility and adaptability of Hongbo Xintong cloud switchboard enable the company to always maintain a unified service state in the internal and external office process, and help the company create a highly personalized overall image. For cross regional multinational companies, multi branch companies, chain enterprises and other companies with complex situations, the attribute of free configuration of cloud switchboard at any time and anywhere can give full play to its advantages, so that organizations scattered around the enterprise can carry out offices and services in a consistent mode, ensure timely communication and communication quality, and leave customers with the most profound and unified intuitive experience. This can be said to be the biggest long-term benefit brought by virtual machine to the company, making the enterprise more attractive and attractive

build the cloud and break the tradition. By deploying a first-class communication system, Hongbo Xintong cloud switchboard creates an artifact in enterprise office. Internally, it can break through communication barriers and improve office efficiency; Externally, it can better improve the service environment and grasp potential business opportunities, so as to eliminate domestic and foreign troubles. With smooth internal connection, considerate external and consistent internal and external, the communication situation that enterprise decision-makers have always dreamed of is realized by Hongbo Xintong virtual machine

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