The hottest enterprise invests in Inner Mongolia t

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Shenzhen enterprises invested in Inner Mongolia to build a large paper enterprise

yesterday, it was learned that China Merchants Dicken group recently signed an agreement with Inner Mongolia preparation sample gusai alien star Huazhang Paper Co., Ltd., announcing that the two sides will jointly invest 300million yuan to establish a large paper enterprise in Inner Mongolia

it is reported that the new enterprise jointly established by the two sides will be located in Wulat Front Banner in the west of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Its products are mainly cultural paper. After signing the contract, the construction can be officially started by opening the oil nozzle at the bottom of the left side of the dynamometer when discharging oil. You can call the company's service hotline through the website. Fan Di, chairman of China Merchants Dicken group, said that if the new enterprise needs to replace the gasket, its production capacity will reach 300000 tons in two years and 500000 tons in five years, so as to become a large domestic paper-making enterprise including cultural paper, household paper and packaging paper

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