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A number of large-scale book printing enterprises will appear in Beijing. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the publishing industry's demand for the printing and processing of carbon/Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) composite thermal elements to form complex components by using resistance composite welding elements, book printing enterprises have further integrated to improve their competitiveness and make full use of existing resources

the printing plant of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has newly built a plant of nearly 50000 square meters, invested more than 40 special equipment for books and periodicals at one time, and has a comprehensive production capacity of books and periodicals in color, black and white, binding and hardcover. It has become a highlight of Beijing's state-owned enterprises to strengthen and expand enterprises through adjusting and integrating resources

Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd. continued to strengthen technological transformation and innovate business philosophy, achieving a total industrial sales output value of nearly 280million yuan in 2007

Beijing Shengtong Color Printing Co., Ltd. chose to expand its plant. On the basis of the original two commercial rotary machines, it added another commercial rotary machine to expand the capacity of its color periodicals. In 2007, it achieved a total industrial sales output value of 228 million yuan, ranking second among the book and magazine Enterprises whose wood flour is crushed by machinery. At present, the enterprise is actively planning to go public and has entered the guidance period for listing, becoming the pacesetter of private enterprises

in order to expand its scale, Beijing Lifeng Accor Great Wall Printing Co., Ltd. has built a plant of nearly 50000 square meters in terms of new technology in Beijing Tongzhou optical electromechanical integrated base, and the civil engineering has been basically completed; The new commercial rotary machine will be installed in the near future and the relocation will be completed within the year

Beijing Jinghua Printing Factory, Beijing Qianfeng Printing Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Tiger color Co., Ltd. jointly established Beijing Jinghua Tiger color printing Co., Ltd. and invested 78million yuan in the first phase to integrate industrial capital and market, so as to expand its market share

China National Printing Corporation and Xinhua printing plant have already acquired land in Yizhuang and started construction within the year to jointly build a new plant and expand its scale; After Japan relief printing Co., Ltd. acquired Nippon Corporation, the plan to promote the expansion of book printing is also in active operation; Xinfeng printing factory, a private enterprise, is also building a 50000 square meter factory, while introducing commercial rotary machines and multicolor machines to increase the production capacity of books and periodicals

a common feature of these enterprises is to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprise book printing by revitalizing the stock, integrating resources, joint ventures and cooperation, transforming mechanisms, upgrading technology, expanding scale, and strengthening enterprises. It can be said that in recent years, the agglomeration effect of book printing enterprises in Beijing has begun to highlight. Statistics show that in 2006, there were 628 book and periodical printing enterprises in Beijing, and by 2007, 86 had withdrawn, with 542 remaining. A number of large and medium-sized backbone enterprises with considerable scale, advanced technology and management, certain competitiveness and influence have emerged, and a number of large-scale book printing enterprises comparable to those in the southeast coastal areas will emerge

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