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Enterprises make good use of ERP tools to accurately control the production and supply chain process

the competitiveness of I market, which leads the trend of fashion and technology, will also further improve t product consumers. For the purchase tendency of notebook computers, in addition to performance, whether the appearance design is beautiful and generous is also an important consideration. Whether it is simple style, beautiful style, or stable and heavy texture, it is the direct embodiment of his personal style. The group of Qili company, which started with shell painting, a shell manufacturer company with a total staff of 37000, and keyboard text printing, is a member of the IT product supply chain that has successfully integrated notebook computers with art and brought its style to thousands of consumers

at present, the customers cooperating with Qili company are all well-known notebook manufacturers at home and abroad. The common reason for their automatic shutdown after reaching the set number of times is that they all pay attention to Qili's superb shell painting and printing skills. Therefore, Qili occupies an indispensable position in the whole computer supply chain. In order to meet the needs of these large manufacturers at home and abroad, it has set up factories in Suzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen. It is a professional manufacturer that can provide "one-stop supply and rapid service"

Zhang WANLAI, who is now the manager of the engineering department, was originally the business of his company. He was entrusted with the responsibility of manager of the engineering department because he has many specialties such as computer, design and drawing, law and so on. Talking about the root cause why its establishment is deeply trusted by domestic and foreign manufacturers, he said: "This is due to its advanced surface painting and thin shell forming technology, which can use paint spraying technology to present three-dimensional visual effects, and the two-color injection molding technology that can press different colors of plastics into shape, so it has an excellent reputation in the industry. So far, the number of paint spraying and printing of notebook computer shells handled by its company accounts for about 50-60% of the output of the world.". Take the white notebook computer as an example, its painting degree is quite high, and this is the hot-selling product that Zhang WANLAI constantly coordinated with upstream customers and studied with production line masters to improve the manufacturing yield during his business period, "The company has many highly skilled and experienced spray painting teachers, and purchases many advanced equipment. Many important processes are also carried out in the clean room through robotic arms." for its advantages in talent and equipment, Zhang WANLAI added

using zhenghang ERP, looking at China's customization ability

in order to quickly respond to the needs of upstream manufacturers, Li Li buys plastic particles, paints, springs and other raw materials from all over the world every day, For the production line. In order to make this process faster and smoother, Qi Li began to use the purchase, sales and inventory software very early. However, although this purchase, sales and inventory software has objectively helped him a lot, it still has some defects. "In terms of report presentation and data statistics, there is a lack of diversity and convenience", Zhang WANLAI summed up the experience of using this purchase, sale and inventory software

in order to have a more accurate and comprehensive grasp of the company's information, it officially introduced zhenghang ERP system in 2003, and its application scope includes purchase, sale and inventory process, finance, customs declaration and other fields. The key reason why zhenghang software can stand out among many competitors is that zhenghang software's customization ability for ERP system and the quick response of consultants when making proposals can comprehensively and carefully understand its needs and provide fast and satisfactory solutions

Zhang WANLAI believes that "unless it is completely customized development, it is difficult for any ERP software to be able to 100% comply with the existing processes of customers. Therefore, for a small number of individual needs of customers, ERP software" customization "can be said to be the only way." At this time, it is very important whether the modification range will affect the whole body. "He recalled that among the manufacturers evaluated at the beginning, if some software wanted to modify some programs at the source, it would make some later functions unable to be connected; or it was intended to add more functions, but the program had to be rewritten from beginning to end, which was quite time-consuming and labor-consuming." but zhenghang ERP software architecture is quite flexible, and there will be no such problem, "Zhang WANLAI pointed out after comparison.

in addition, in the process of communication between the two sides, zhenghang software professionalism also gave it great confidence." The first reaction of the engineer is very important, "Zhang WANLAI said that if ERP manufacturers were questioned by their concerns at the beginning," he said "Of course, Qili will have reservations about such manufacturers. However, during more than 10 back and forth discussions between Qili and zhenghang software, zhenghang software team can put forward exact solutions to various doubts, which makes Qili feel reassured, and also makes Zhang WANLAI feel relieved to entrust zhenghang with the important task of customization.

save time, and the number of monthly statements bears the heavy responsibility

in the process of customization, its position lies in the setting of some key conditions It is very different from other companies. For example, the product name and number will be the key in general companies, but there is a more original key in its establishment, that is, "model". Under the condition of model, it will be expanded into various items, components, used item numbers, and inventory parts, and finally these details must be summarized into the financial statements based on "model"

at the same time, in response to the differences in the ways of incoming and outgoing goods and billing, zhenghang software can also cooperate with its various processes in the customization process. If it immediately purchases but fails to pay, it will not be paid in a lump sum until two months later, or it will be traded by placing an order at a time and shipping in batches; In order to meet this transaction form, zhenghang can automatically sum the outstanding accounts of the previous month to the monthly statement of the next month in the customization function. Therefore, a male member will go to the destination at about 11 p.m. to visit the site. No matter at any time point, he can accurately grasp the inventory status and settlement amount, and let the operator really know how much the company has settled and outstanding funds, as well as the models that have been delivered and not shipped. "In the past, the summary report of the accounting department took 3-4 days, but now it can be carried forward in one day," Zhang WANLAI said after comparing the differences between the previous and the latter

not only the speed is accelerated, but also the report presentation forms are more diversified. As before, users cannot change the width of the data field. When the data name is too long, they cannot present all the contents in the report; After adopting zhenghang ERP, not only the field width can be set by itself, whether it is to pull a column forward or backward, or

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