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On February 26, the head of Gongming sub district office led a team to conduct an in-depth investigation of Li songxuan community enterprises, emphasizing the need to vigorously develop the real economy, comprehensively improve the ability of independent innovation, jointly create a good business environment, and boost the high-quality economic development in the area

researchers have a detailed understanding of the production and operation of the enterprise, patiently explain the new national policies to promote the development of the enterprise, and go deep into the production workshop of the enterprise to observe the production line, production equipment and safety production of the enterprise. In response to the street lamp problem raised by the person in charge of the enterprise, the person in charge of Gongming sub district office asked the relevant departments to give full play to their functions, implement actions, and actively help coordinate and solve the specific difficulties and problems encountered by the enterprise in its development

the person in charge of the enterprise said that the longer you stay in the community, the more you can feel the transformation of the community. Now all aspects of the community are improving or developing rapidly, the business environment has improved, and the operation of the enterprise has become smooth. The head of Gongming sub district office said that the community will continue to create a good development environment and promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger by testing the material. It points out that enterprises should strengthen their confidence in development, grasp the opportunities of national policies, find the right market positioning, and further improve the level of product marketization. At the same time, the personnel of community party committees, joint-stock companies, enterprise service centers and other relevant departments are required to do a good job in docking with the enterprise, solve problems for the enterprise in a timely manner, fully support the transformation, upgrading, development and growth of the enterprise in Li songxuan, strive to improve service efficiency and quality, and jointly promote the comprehensive deepening reform of the enterprise from a high starting point

cultivate the aluminum based new material industry as a leading industry. Next, Li songxuan community will take the initiative to provide door-to-door services for enterprises, make every effort to coordinate and connect, strengthen backup support, and effectively solve problems for enterprises. It will create a better and better environment for the development and quality and efficiency improvement of ridgeline trucks, which have just been launched by Honda, and fully support enterprises to become bigger and stronger

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