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Qingdao hancable Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with 500kV cables representing the world level

in the factory area of Qingdao hancable, the cable reels, large and small, full of cables are placed in an orderly manner

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wires and cables are known as the "blood vessels" and "nerves" of the national economy, which are not only related to the safety of power, communication and traffic operation, but also inseparable from people's production and life. In the past 40 years, this "blood vessel" has experienced from thin to thick, from relying on imports to full localization, which not only supports the urban "green" power channel, but also goes abroad. As a private enterprise, Qingdao hancable Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise and representative of high-quality development in the domestic cable industry. While making its products reach the world level through continuous transformation and upgrading, it successfully completed the power protection task of the summit at the SCO Qingdao summit held in June 2018

aim at the high end

the tower became the second highest in Asia

before the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, the per capita annual income of farmers in Hanhe village, Laoshan was less than 100 yuan. At that time, 680 villagers in the village had only two cents of land per capita, and the collective debt reached more than 300000 yuan. It was a well-known poor village

In 1982, under the leadership of Zhang Sixia, the newly appointed secretary of the Party branch, Hanhe village, who wanted to change when in need, seized the opportunity of reform and opening up, sized up the situation, made bold decisions, and began to produce bare wires by borrowing 3000 yuan and rebuilding the humble workshop in the cowshed. In the following ten years, the factory made innovations and breakthroughs in products every year, from bare wires to cross-linked cables of 10kV, 35kV and below, and then to marine cables... By 1994, Qingdao Cable Research Institute was established. Although the products and production capacity have been ahead of domestic peers, in fact, the products produced are still medium and low voltage cable products. The high-voltage cable products used in urban electricity rely on imports, and there is still a blank in this field in China

in 1996, when most cable enterprises competed around medium and low voltage cable products, Hanzhong Cable Co., Ltd. used limited funds to transform and upgrade cable production lines, innovated its own technology, introduced the world's leading 220kV UHV vertical cross-linked cable production line from abroad, and began to develop and produce 110kV and 220kV high-voltage cross-linked cables

"our decision-makers believe that the demand for urban electricity in the future is huge, so high voltage and ultra-high voltage are the direction of future development." Zhang Dawei, chairman of Qingdao Hanhe Group Co., Ltd., said that the 118 meter tower built at that time was the first one in China to have a tower production line that can be used for more than 100000 times, and it was also the second highest in Asia

"In the late 1990s, the submarine cable of Bohai offshore oil field project broke down in the process of operation. Before, the submarine cable was purchased from foreign manufacturers. Due to the tight time and heavy task of the offshore oil field project, and the long delivery cycle and high cost of foreign manufacturers, the company came to us for assistance. It took us only four months to complete the production task and deliver it to the users, and the product price was only 1/3 of the original product price. The submarine cable operated safely for more than a year, and the user unit We sent a letter of thanks and rewarded us with 300000 yuan. Later, we became the first-class core supplier of CNOOC, and successively provided users with 35kV, 110KV, 220kV and other submarine cable products of various voltage levels to completely replace imports. Today, submarine cable products have also become the main economic growth point of hancable. " Zhang Dawei said

fill the gap

500kV cable represents the world level

in 2000, Qingdao hancable introduced the 500kV vertical cross-linked cable production line representing the highest level in China from abroad, and began to develop high-end cables for further industrial upgrading. On June 25th, 2014, the 20km long 500kV UHV cable used in Beijing Haidian 500kV power transmission and transformation project was independently developed by Qingdao hancable, which is the first time that domestic power companies have used domestic cables in 500kV cables. Three and a half years later, the 46.41 km long Shanghai Hongyang 500kV power transmission and transformation project once again used Qingdao hancable products

Zhang Dawei said that the technical level of 500kV UHV cable represents the highest technical level of today's cable industry, and the 500kV voltage level is currently the highest voltage level of urban power operation in the world. Qingdao hancable has made a breakthrough in this technology, successfully filling the gap in the domestic market, which also means that the company's technology has been in the leading position in this field

in recent years, the company has always adhered to the concept of scientific and technological innovation as the source of sustainable development of enterprises, adhered to independent innovation and paid attention to the transformation of scientific research achievements. The company has a national enterprise technology center, a national ultra-high voltage cable engineering technology research and development center, and a post doctoral research station with complete specifications for CNOOC Zhuhai natural gas liquefaction project. It has completed more than 100 new products, new technologies and new processes, participated in the formulation of more than 40 national and industrial standards, and has more than 140 patented technologies. Behind the scientific and technological innovation is the huge investment of hancable for decades. It is understood that since 2004, hancable has invested more than 100 million yuan in technological innovation every year

in the morning of the 20th, in the Qingdao Han cable factory located at jiushui East Road, Laoshan District, large and small reels full of cables were placed in good order, and trucks with local license plates hanging at the gate of the plant had been loaded and ready to be shipped to all parts of the country. "The cables produced here are not pulled away after production, but each coil of cables must pass the relevant partial discharge and voltage withstand tests before leaving the factory." Zhang Dawei pointed to the plant next to the plant, which is about 10 meters high and listed as the "high voltage test hall of the national high voltage and ultra high voltage cable engineering technology research center"

"in March 2017, the" Aokai cable "incident occurred in Xi'an, putting the entire cable industry on the cusp of the storm. With excellent product quality and reliable reputation assurance, hancable successfully completed the follow-up reconstruction project of the subway. At present, hancable subway products have served Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other domestic key subway projects. " Zhang Dawei said. You can rest assured to know all our experimental machines

over the years, Qingdao hancable has achieved high-end quality brand through continuous innovation, becoming a model for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy. In 2016, Qingdao hancable won the bid for Singapore's urban power transmission system with the highest voltage of 400kV, which is also the first time that China's UHV cables have been exported to urban power systems in developed countries. 20 years ago, Chinese cable was synonymous with low-end products. Nowadays, Qingdao hancable products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world, making "made in China", "made in Qingdao" and "made in hancable" have a place in the international market

complete set of services

participating in the power security of the Olympic Games

in the exhibition hall of Qingdao hancable Co., Ltd., we can see that in addition to the display samples of various cable sections, there are also orderly displays of large and small cable accessories and various testing equipment

according to Zhang Dawei, hancable is no longer just a cable manufacturer, but a technology intensive enterprise integrating three parts: cable accessory complete system, condition detection system and general contracting of power transmission and transformation projects. High voltage cable accessories are an essential part of cable lines, but this product has been monopolized by foreign enterprises for a long time. With the official launch of 220kV cable accessories developed by hancable in 2006, this embarrassing situation has also been broken. At present, Hanzhong cable is the only service provider in China that can provide complete services of 220kV and below cables, accessories, laying and installation, and completion test. Its products are widely used in national power and southern power and exported abroad

Zhang Dawei told that the biggest problem of the cable is fire. The cable condition monitoring system of Hanzhong cable can detect the aging degree and faults of the line, and can monitor the operation status of various equipment of the line and the power receiving and transformation system in real time, just like the weather forecast. "When an American purchaser chooses hancable products, he said: hancable products are not only favored and recognized by us in terms of price and service, but also interested in hancable's ability to provide comprehensive service support." Zhang Dawei said

it is this complete set of services in the whole process that enables Qingdao hancable to participate in the power security work of large-scale games such as the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai WorldExpo. In the SCO Qingdao summit held last year, Qingdao hancable spent more than half a year investigating and constructing 1 220kV line, 15 10kV lines, and replacing 25 ring cabinets. It successfully completed the power protection task of the summit and won high praise from relevant departments

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