2010 memorabilia of the hottest Keyuan Co., Ltd

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Keyuan shares 2010 memorabilia

in January 2010, Keyuan shares was awarded the honorary title of 2009 major taxpayer of Jiangning Development Zone, and was shortlisted again after winning the title in 2008

on March 30, 2010, the thank-you reception for the successful listing of Keyuan shares was grandly held in Shangri La, Shenzhen

on March 31, 2010, Li Qi, vice mayor of Nanjing, and other leaders and guest representatives rang the bell for the stock listing at the listing ceremony of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

in April, 2010, Keyuan Co., Ltd. was successfully listed and the brilliant 17 year customer annual meeting was successfully held. During the period when the instrument meets the requirements of gb1633, gb1634 and other standards, a thermal automation technology forum entitled the ideal and opportunity of digital power plants was held

in May 2010, Keyuan shares and Jiangning water group successfully held a report meeting on the results of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and Keyuan sewage treatment automation solutions helped launch a series of eco city construction projects

in May 2010, Keyuan Co., Ltd. was selected as a key software enterprise within the planning layout of Jiangsu Province

in August, 2010, he participated in a series of charity and public welfare activities, such as the 2010 student donation ceremony and the golden autumn student aid of Jiangning District Guangcai career dream fulfillment action

in September 2010, Keyuan Co., Ltd. and other enterprises and institutions jointly initiated the establishment of Nanjing intelligent power industry alliance

in November 2010, Keyuan Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of top ten domestic marketing enterprises selected by China automation

in November 2010, Hu Ximei, President of Keyuan Co., Ltd., was awarded the title of meritorious individual for building a famous software city in China

Keyuan Co., Ltd.: 2010 growing together

at such a moment and on such an occasion, bits and pieces of the past year are like a wonderful New Year blockbuster, passing by before our eyes. This film is not called "let bullets fly", nor "if you are sincere, do not disturb", but "2010 growing together", dedicated to Keyuan's customers, employees, families and all those who care about us

in our workshop and office; In every hard morning, in every hard night; When a new employee learned a new skill under the guidance of the teacher and through his own exploration, he gave a knowing smile. After months of thinking, I finally solved the problem of stable operation in the project, and the joy of success made fatigue fly to the sky; As a manager, after painful thinking, he finally came to the choice of the lesser of the two evils, and easily invested in specific business work; When an old employee who hasn't found room to rise for many years, finally made clear his own direction of efforts and started a simple and happy work with a smile like a young person; You must be able to see the common growth of Keyuan people; When we see generations of Keyuan people from youth to maturity, from individuals to teams, from exciting the variety of product packaging in the market to wisdom, you will certainly be able to see the common growth of Keyuan people

the coming of 2011 marks the beginning of the next decade and the next wonderful decade for everyone in Keyuan. Let's grow together and have more incomparable characteristics with other materials. Our customers, our partners and our families will grow together in three months. Every bit of progress will converge into an irresistible torrent of progress for Keyuan

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