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The current situation and development trend of China's gravure printing industry (3)

the main problems existing in China's gravure printing industry

the current problems existing in China's gravure printing industry mainly include:

(1) gravure printing enterprises used to belong to many industries, such as light industry, tobacco, packaging, building materials, postal service, coin making, etc., there was no counterpart department in management, activities were scattered, and industry management and services obviously lagged behind other industries. The establishment of gravure printing branch will help promote the development of gravure printing industry and technical exchanges

(2) there is a lack of comprehensive understanding of the advantages of gravure printing, and there is no real understanding of the characteristics of the international advanced gravure printing machine. In addition to the well-known gravure printing products with high quality, good equipment stability, simple operation, strong processing capacity and wide adaptability, the production cost of the gravure cylinder that can be used for many times has been greatly reduced. The temperature of the contact part between the lamp cap and the lamp tube when the energy-saving lamp works is close to 200 ℃, and the popularity and application of environmental friendly gravure printing ink will greatly improve the market competitiveness of gravure printing

(3) there is still a considerable gap between domestic gravure printing equipment and foreign advanced level. For example, the speed and reliability of gravure printing equipment need to be improved, and the technologies such as sleeve printing plate/embossing cylinder, independent drive technology, closed splash proof device and doctor blade fast pressure device need to be popularized and applied; Wide width gravure printing equipment also needs to be developed. The maximum width of domestic gravure printing machine is about 2.5m, while Germany maul belser gravure printing factory plans to invest in the purchase of 4.32m wide KBA gravure printing machine in early 2005 for printing catalogues and magazines. From the domestic printing market, imported equipment basically monopolizes the high-end gravure market

(4) the education and scientific research of gravure printing are also far behind the actual production, and gravure printing enterprises lack middle and senior professional and technical personnel

(5) the revision of gravure related standards is seriously lagging behind

development trend of gravure printing industry in China

(1) large and medium-sized packaging gravure printing enterprises will occupy the mainstream, especially cigarette packaging gravure printing enterprises will pursue economies of scale, high quality and high-tech content

(2) due to environmental protection and health reasons, food, medicine, tobacco, wine and other industries pay more and more attention to the environmental protection of packaging materials and printing processes, and gravure printing enterprises pay more attention to the environment of printing workshops. Environmental friendly gravure printing ink and varnish will be more and more popular. Closed doctor blade system and rapid replacement device will be popularized, and gravure printing machines that adapt to water-based ink will be widely used

(3) the independent drive technology of gravure printing machine and the electronic shaft transmission as the technical platform will realize the comprehensive upgrading of gravure printing machine. All gravure printing machines for various purposes will adopt electronic shaft transmission. At present, the electronic shaft transmission and registration systems are mainly from Japan and Europe, but they can only be used in a small number of domestic gravure printing machines. The development of domestic system will be the key to the comprehensive upgrading of domestic gravure printing machines

(4) the proportion of wide gravure press and paper gravure press will continue to increase. On the one hand, the market for decorative printing (mainly wood grain paper printing) and carton preprint will grow rapidly. On the other hand, the width of flexible packaging gravure printing machines is also increasing, and the number of large format gravure printing machines (including width and printing repetition length) will increase rapidly. These composites have good mechanical strengthening, electrical and optical properties when the polymer volume fraction is highly reduced. Gravure printing machines for paper and paper-based composites (wood grain paper, cigarette labels, sterile packaging, gift wrapping paper, etc.) will grow rapidly

(5) gravure production line processing will be more diversified, and the function configuration will be stronger and stronger. Such as UV glazing, die cutting, cross cutting, soft label cutting, etc. Accordingly, gravure printing machine management system and remote technical support system will be more and more adopted. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of personalization, all parts from unwinding, printing to wire processing, winding and so on will be modularized, of which the most important will be the gravure trolley or the gravure and flexographic printing interchange trolley

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