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It is difficult to rely on asset securitization or simple debt to equity swap to analyze the current situation and development trend of electromechanical integration technology.


the continuous development of modern science and technology has greatly promoted the intersection and penetration of different disciplines, leading to the technological revolution and innovation in the engineering field. In the field of mechanical engineering, due to the rapid development of microelectronics and computer technology and the electromechanical integration formed by its penetration into the mechanical industry, great changes have taken place in the technical structure, product organization, function and composition, production mode and management system of the mechanical industry, and industrial production has stepped from "mechanical electrification" to the development stage characterized by "electromechanical integration"

1. summary of Mechatronics

Mechatronics refers to the introduction of electronic technology in the main function, power function, information processing function and control function of the mechanism, and the combination of mechanical devices with electronic design and software

mechatronics has become a new discipline with its own system. With the development of science and technology, it will be given new content. However, its basic characteristics can be summarized as follows: mechatronics is the comprehensive use of mechanical technology, microelectronics technology, automatic control technology, computer technology, information technology, sensor measurement and control technology, power electronics technology, interface technology, information transformation technology, software pressure testing machine, also known as electronic pressure testing machine programming technology and other group technologies from the perspective of system, according to the system functional objectives and Optimization organization objectives, It is a system engineering technology that reasonably configures and arranges each functional unit, realizes specific functional value in the sense of multi-function, high quality, high reliability and low energy consumption, and optimizes the whole system. The resulting functional system becomes an mechatronics system or mechatronics product

therefore, "mechatronics" covers both "technology" and "products". However, mechatronics technology is a comprehensive technology based on the organic integration of the above group technologies, rather than a simple combination and patchwork of mechanical technology, microelectronics technology and other new technologies. This is the fundamental difference in concept between mechatronics and mechanical electrification. Mechanical engineering technology has developed from pure technology to mechanical electrification, which is still a traditional machine, and its main function is still to replace and enlarge physical strength. However, after the development of mechatronics, microelectronic devices can not only replace the original functions of some mechanical components, but also give many new functions, such as automatic detection, automatic processing of information, automatic display and recording, automatic adjustment and control, automatic diagnosis and protection, etc. That is, mechatronics products are not only the extension of people's hands and limbs, but also the eyes of people's senses and minds. The intelligent feature is the essential difference between mechatronics and mechanical electrification in function

2. The development of Mechatronics

the development of Mechatronics can be divided into three stages. The first stage was before the 1960s, which was called the primary stage. During this period, people consciously or unconsciously used the preliminary achievements of electronic technology to improve the performance of mechanical products. Especially during the Second World War, the war stimulated the combination of mechanical products and electronic technology. These electromechanical military technologies turned into civil use after the war, which played a positive role in the recovery of the post-war economy. At that time, the research and development was still spontaneous on the whole. At that time, the development of electronic technology had not yet reached a certain level, and the combination of mechanical technology and electronic technology could not be widely and deeply developed, and the developed products could not be widely promoted

the 1970s and 1980s are the second stage, which can be called the vigorous development stage. During this period, the development of computer technology, control technology and communication technology laid a technical foundation for the development of electromechanical integration. The rapid development of large-scale and ultra large-scale integrated circuits and microcomputers has provided a sufficient material basis for the development of electromechanical integration. The characteristics of this period are: ① the word Mechatronics was first widely accepted in Japan and was widely recognized around the world by the late 1980s; ② Electromechanical integration technology and products have been greatly developed; ③ All countries have begun to give great attention and support to electromechanical integration technology and products

in the late 1990s, a new stage of mechatronics technology moving towards intelligence began, and Mechatronics entered a period of in-depth development. On the one hand, optical and communication technologies have entered electromechanical integration, and micro machining technology has also emerged in electromechanical integration, with the emergence of new branches such as optical electromechanical integration and micro electromechanical integration; On the other hand, the modeling design, analysis and integration methods of mechatronics system, the discipline system and development trend of Mechatronics have been deeply studied. At the same time, the great progress made in artificial intelligence technology, neural network technology and optical fiber technology has opened up a broad world for the development of electromechanical integration technology. These studies will promote Mechatronics to further establish a complete foundation and gradually form a complete scientific system

China began to research and apply in this field in the early 1980s of the 20th century, Zhang Xinshuo period. The State Council has set up a leading group for Mechatronics and listed this technology in the "863 Plan". In formulating the ninth five year plan and the 2010 development outline, full consideration has been given to the international development trends and possible impacts of mechatronics technology. Many colleges and universities, research institutions and some large and medium-sized enterprises have done a lot of work on the development and application of this technology and have not achieved certain results, but there is still a considerable gap compared with Japan and other advanced countries whose research results are also at the leading level in the world

3. The development trend of Mechatronics

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary integration of machinery, electronics, optics, control, computer, information and other disciplines. Its development and progress depend on and promote the development and progress of related technologies. Therefore, the main development directions of electromechanical integration are as follows:

3.1 intellectualization

intellectualization is an important development direction of electromechanical integration technology in the 21st century. Artificial intelligence is getting more and more attention in the research of electromechanical integration builders, and the intelligence of robots and CNC machine tools is an important application. The "intellectualization" mentioned here is the description of machine behavior, which is based on the control theory and absorbs artificial intelligence, operations research, computer science and fuzzy mathematics

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