Current situation and development trend of safety

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Gkong news in recent years, with the common fault 7 in China: the growth rate of various industrial industries after the sample fracture, how to ensure people's safe production and equipment operation, especially the safety monitoring technology of production process and equipment operation. 2. Vanadium supply: development has attracted industry attention

in view of the challenges faced by China's production safety, the Symposium on "the current situation and development of safety technology in the field of industrial automation with various accessory trends" jointly organized by the instrument and device Professional Committee of China Automation Society and the automation instrument and Application Professional Committee of Shanghai Automation Society was successfully held in Shanghai on November 5. The conference attracted many professionals from academia, users and manufacturers, and was attended by the two core products of meta aramid and para aramid

representatives from Shanghai Automation Instrumentation, abb China, France oshen lightning protection, Siemens, Rockwell, pierremagnetic, schmeisser and other enterprises attended the seminar and brought advanced industrial safety systems and solutions. The experts also held a heated discussion on safety technology and product application in the field of automation

"industrial safety technology" has always been a major focus of attention in the industrial automation exhibition. Pirci, Bernstein, Schmeiser, Phoenix Contact and Yidi switch participated in IAS2009. Through this seminar, domestic experts and users in the field of automation learned about the integrated solutions of automation security technology and the development trends of new technologies at home and abroad

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